Wednesday, 27 February 2013

@Phil Maya Tutorials - Camera Types Video

Tool Box - Maya Tutorials 
This is a short edit consisting of all the tutorials on Pre Viz/Camera Techniques. I thought I'd edit them together because there are so many It would look too messy in one long post. Also, as we are supposed to show that we are gaining a knowledge on software throughout the course I thought I could mix two together.
May 3rd is an important date for all of us and the reality of failure has slapped me across the face so I aim to combat it by radically changing my approach to my work and studentship.


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  1. onwards and upwards, Matt - I believe you can pull this around in the time remaining. You need to as well.


    Dropbox invite reminder:

    (and make no mistake, your speed paintings with Photoshop Phil were great, so I want you to participate in this live project commission with enthusiasm and confidence! Onwards!)