Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fantastic Voyage - First Steps...

Initial Thoughts
In order to get my head around the vast wild abyss known as Science, I've compiled a list of starting points to eat one chunk at a time. I've started with the more obvious questions at this initial stage of the project in order to bury my head into it and start creating straight away. As of right now I have absolutely no idea on this particular cell or it's functions but I am assured that by the and of this 9 weeks I'll know more than I'd want to. Having saying that, I love finding out new facts and learning new things.


  1. see below - a copy of the email Chris Hunt sent to your ucreative email - please check your email and sort this out asap!

    Dear Victoria, Matthew, Alex and Katy

    As you did not present you group presentation on the subject of a Barbie Doll, please can I ask that you present this next Thursday 7th March after the morning lecture. Just attend the lecture as normal and when we finish talking, you will do your presentation.

    Just follow the usual guidelines (attached for your information) and aim for 12-14 minutes.

    You ALL need to do this – you are the only group to have not presented – although I understand that Katy, being the only member present last week in the seminar, presented her part of the presentation. For this reason, out of fairness I would ask that Katy spends less time on her section and that Victoria, Matthew and Alex make the larger contribution next week.

    If you have any questions please get in touch.

    Thank you


  2. Matt - no OGR document - AGAIN! The point of the OGRs is to HELP you keep on top of your tasks and get in the game. Get your ideas up on here asap, Matt - how many more times am I going to have to coax you out?

  3. Hey Matt - okay, I need you to be honest with me; is it likely that you'll be ready to pitch on Monday? If not, I want you to tell me now via email so I can make the necessary changes to the running order. The Pitch isn't assessed summatively, but it is a useful exercise. If you could please confirm your intentions to me as and when you read this comment, I'd be grateful. Thanks.

  4. Read carefully!