Monday, 28 January 2013

@Phil - Quick Idea

Last Minute Ideas.....
I'm torn between going forward with my current idea or develop an idea that you and Alex suggested. My current idea, which in short is a window washer who breaks an expensive solid gold (the irony) fish in a platinum bowl whilst on a commissioned job. The owners walk in during the reparation work that is almost complete but it is pathetically shoddy and the scene cuts to him dead on a morgue table.

However it seems to have lost its shine for me so I've been looking at the Suicide bunny cartoons and it's given me Three ideas:

1: The Window Washer is the "night cleaner" who goes around the Aqua World (like Sealife) after closing time cleaning all the glass of the tanks. One particular night he ends up getting tricked into cracking the shark tank by an aggressive bullying shark who's been trying to eat him for years since the window washer accidentally poisoned his tank with glass Anti-Freeze. The shark tries winding up the window washer so that he will get angry and hopefully fight the shark. The Shark spends the duration of the night getting in the way (on the other side of course) and creating dirt from the inside to trick the window washer and irritate him. The window washer eventually succumbs to the tricks set by the shark and starts hitting the glass where the shark's face is. The shark stays motionless staring at the window washer until a small grin appears on his face when the shot reveals a small crack appearing on the glass. The scene then cuts to the window washer laying dead on a morgue table with a shark on his head and mostly down his body (in a comical way).

2: Inspired by the Suicide Bunny cartoons, The window Washer could be a relatively shallow character (so that there is no audience attachment by having a deep back story) who keeps trying to kill himself relating to windows and fish bowls/aquariums and fails every time. So the irony is he's too stupid to even kill himself?

3: Same story but this time the suicidal character is the goldfish in the bowl/aquarium and does everything he can to make the unaware and unimportant Window Washer kill him. I.e throwing himself into the bucket etc. The punchline is that the fish's failed suicide attempts actually end up killing the unsuspecting Window Washer.

I'm torn between the 4 options and its driving me nuts. So please can you give a thumbs up for one and then I can settle my doubts?

Thanks very much

Monday, 21 January 2013

Stoy Telling - Suggestions

Suggested Story Ideas
My creative partner Alex came up with few ideas to help me along with my story ideas, So after hearing them I've expanded them with my own twist on  it.
So here are the suggestions made by Alex:
1 - lol ok basically i thought about the "fish bowl" on a larger scale, works the same way with the dead person in the morgue at the beginning - so imagine a window washer is cleaning a window which is actually the window of an aquarium (you know like the underground ones you get) and there are sharks in there so that could act as your "fish bowl" then i was thinking one of the sharks wants to eat the window washer and distracts him or something, and is trying break the glass, so there's like this comedic rivalry between them - the window washer could get startled and trip on his equipment which would make the shark laugh for instance, the way he dies is the glass does break the shark spills out of the giant tank and gets his mouth half in the mans body - (a shot of the sharks mouth coming up to the screen) ---- in the morgue beginning sequence its a man with a shark half down his body if that makes sense ?? but yeah its not great but it just came to haha
2 - also alternately you could have the window washer doing the same thing but the shark inside the tank is trying to get to another female shark on the opposite side and it just happens that the window washer gets in the way as they both break out of their tanks to get to each other and he has two sharks either side of him covering his body - but the sharks are happy cos they're together

3 - Alex Edmonds13 January 2013 01:47
I actually do like version 1 with the whole struggle of the seemingly simple task to wash a window of dirt. When it comes to incorporating your fish in the story what sprang to mind for me was someone coming out of a neighbouring pet store carrying a fish bowl with a fish in it and walks past the struggling window cleaner and then you could think of something that happens there like a collision for example? Also maybe the fish element hasn't got to be alive? Possibly a van full of raw fish could pull up on the curb right where he is working and it stinks! And he hates the smell of fish - that could certainly spark something? Oh and I also read Phils comment on an earlier post about looking at it from the fishes perspective, in a fish world - I actually think that would put a great spin on things so definitely something to think about :)
And here are my renditions of them:

1 - I could use the Aquarium idea by having the Window Washer commissioned to clean a big aquarium which he ends up breaking somehow, but you don't see how, you just see the crack appear in the glass and then it cuts to the scene of him with a large fish or a shark on his head laying in a morgue table.

3  - I like the idea of the fish bowl being a consequence of a third part situation. I like the thought of the window cleaner being invoved in a collision with a fish bowl that wasn't his fault. It's a nice way of including the prop without being so literal with it.

Story Telling - First Ideas 4

Ideas 4 - Hero time

On the train ride home from Uni I was brainstorming ways I could approach this project. One theme in particular stood out, the Super Hero genre. So I thought of a few ways I could go about it. As my character is a window cleaner I find it interesting to try and adapt him into a hero fresh from the pages of a comic book.
These are very basic ideas and don't have much septh to them, but I wanted to see if anything stood out for me before I go full out on a wasted idea.
Idea 5:

I played around with the different combinations that can go with this theme:
  • An alternate universe where Window Washers are heroic celebrities
  • A world where the character imagines he is a super hero window washer (self confessed hero?)
  • Is a dream that the character wishes he could achieve
Version 1:

The story begins with dramatic music and a camera shot zoomed in at the feet of a silhouetted mysterious character, his 'cape' is rippling in the wind and his 'weapons' are by his side. The camera pans out as a narrator starts describing "The Worlds greatest Hero" etc. As the camera gets to the head of the character, it reveals the identity, the silhouette disappears, the music cuts out and the narrator then cuts out as he begins to read the words 'Window Washer' which fuels him to stop his narration and ask his team of staff if the information is correct. The camera cuts to the character's face again and shows him in deep thought as he prepares himself for the villainous Window...

*Intro narration could be a character monologue of how he sees his job - passionate jobs worth
get example of a character from a film who does something similar

Version 2:
The story is set in a world where every kid grows up aspiring to be the greates hero on earth - The Window Washer. An alternate universe where window washing is more prestigious than being a talented sports star or a belove super hero.

Version 3:
Mop Man is an idolised super hero who protects the world from the terrors of dirt.

Version 4:
Is set in our world and shows the story of the young man who is obsessed with becoming a super hero. Whilst he is working he looses himself into his imagination. As he is busy fighting The Dirt villain and his evil accomplice Fish Head, all in his head, the story cuts to the destruction he is causing in the real physical world and the mess thats left behind because of it.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

@Phil Again - Story Telling - Possible final Idea...

Possible Final idea

This is my potential final idea, it needs to be fine tuned more though and chiseled into a final product but I can sense the potential from this idea. Everything in my story can be justified.

Brief Summary:
Window washer (Insert name) is commissioned to clean the main display window of a very important and prestigious Art Gallery (Insert Name). He starts cleaning it but gets distracted by a golden gleam in the reflection of the glass. Turns around and sees the gallery's main piece; A golden Fish suspended inside a see-through platinum fish bowl. He is fascinated by the beauty of it. He goes to touch it very lightly which causes it to explode (or violently falls of the pedestal). He freezes in the same position and dumbfoundedly looks around. He opens the newspaper he walked in with and stares at the front page; it reveals the time that the gallery opens and has an article on the fish bowl which reveals the value of it. The Window Washer freaks out. OR - The Window Washer panics.
He opens up the paper he brought with him and reads the front page, it has an article about the gallery's Gold Fish and estimates it's value at £20,000,000 (camera cuts to P.O.V shot of the front page). The Window Washer freaks out.
He is looking around the
room, he notices a banner that is hanging up (along with many other celebrations to welcome the opening day of the gallery) on the ceiling, he spots the opening time and he looks at his watch (camera cuts to close up of the time) and realises he only has 15 minutes until the doors open and the world's media and most important guests turn up to see the prized asset. He stands around thinking of ways to fix it and comes up with an idea. He starts to imagine how his ingenious idea will look: which is to re weld the gold into a fish and put it back into the bowl he will painstakingly glue back together piece by piece. However, it doesn't actually turn out that way. So as he is fixing it the doors fly open and the owners, gallery manager etc come in, bustling with noise and excitement, their excited faces drop and the atmosphere goes dead as soon as they catch sight of the window washer standing next o a badly drawn fish inside a sellotaped glass bowl. The camera switches to a close up of the Window Washer gulping. Then it cuts to him laying on a morgue table and the story finishes full circle.
  • Mr Washee is commissioned to clean the main window of an exclusive and visiting art gallery
  • Gets distracted by Gold Fish art piece that's reflected in the window he is cleaning
  • Goes to touch it and it explodes
  • Sees it in the newspaper (or googles it on his phone) that it is worth millions
  • Realises he only has 15 minutes to put it right
  • Thinks he has an ingenious idea after his others don't work: He begins to replace the Gold Fish by drawing a poorly done picture of a fish in a sellotaped fish bowl
  • As he is doing this the door opens and the owner walks in and the camera only shows the anger on his face before the shot changes
  • The camera cuts to a close up of Mr Washee's face as he gulps
  • Story goes full circle and ends as it began

Story Telling - Research

I began doing some brief research into influential characters to help build my own. 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Story Telling - First Ideas 3

Initial Ideas

Whilst we were messing about with Adobe Story today we were told to write a really short script to get our heads around the programme. It was during this that I thought of a new idea for my story.
Idea 4:
Alternate beginning -After seeing Mr Washee's ad in the paper guaranteeing "no job is too big satisfaction every time", the mysterious (anonymous) customer commissions Mr Washee to a job he needs done. A Few days later Mr Washee is walking down the street clutching the customers job address in his hand. He meticulously scans the shops and door numbers until he comes to the right place. What he is met with makes him double check the address to the one the customer gave him. It wasn't wrong. Mr Washee looks up at the old run down shop front. The sign that probably once hung so proudly above the building had corroded into un readable and barely recognisable text. He looks up at the vastly imposing Window. He has to clean it, he always has customer satisfaction. He's never failed......
This one shows the story of the humble Window Washer who happens to walk past a run down pet shop. The state of the giant window grabs his attention and places it on to the infamous old shop.
The Town's once famous shop which had attracted hundreds of visitors every week due to the spectacular and gigantic window display was now dilapidated. The many delights and wonders of the pet world would be on show and be seen for miles. The extravagance gained the Pet Shop Owner vast notoriety. He sat proudly outside of his shop as visitors bustled inside and the cash register would never stop ringing. But as time went by the now Old Pet Shop Owner almost completely disappeared and his mysterious vacancy drove the shop to deterioration. In the current day the Pet Shop lays in complete desertion. As the Window Washer opens the rusty door he is inundated with the sheer isolation and run down state that the shop now finds itself in. He looks around the near empty room covered in a thick blanket of dust and specks of rust that sparkle like a small haze of bright orange. The empty bird cages stacked on top of each other create a tower of clutter on the floor. Something else catches the Window Washers eye. A big, lonely and dust blanketed fish bowl sits on the only intact table. The fascination and wonder spreads through the mind of the character. Could this be linked to the demise of the shop? is a thought that goes through the mind of the Window Washer as he prepares himself. He stretches out a long thin finger and wipes away some of the dust to see if their is any inhabitant. After a brief pause he sees the shimmer of gold flick through the murky (or surprisingly clean) water. This shocks Mr Washee and makes him jump backwards. This humours the Fish. Mr Washee decides to ignore this strange sight and heads towards the filth ridden window. Hours pass and he is almost finished. As he takes one final step back to look at his hard graft he notices a small patch of dirt left over in the top corner of the window. He lets out a short burst of anger, then sighs and walks over to it. At first he attempts to reach it but can't from the floor. The situation slowly starts to creep into his patience and annoy him...
He tries many different ways, each one fails and drives him angry. The last one ultimately kills him and it involves the goldfish.
The story goes in full circle and ends just before the point it started. With Mr Washee laying dead on a morgue table with the gold fish bowl jammed on his head
  •  He gets so angry that he punches the glass but he polished it so enthusiastically that his fist is rebounded by the glass and hits himself in the face which sends knocks him out and he trips up backwards. His head lands in the fishbowl where he remains still. Scene cuts to beginning.
  • He gets so annoyed by the fish' constant laughing that he goes to throw the bowl at the window but it rebounds back and hit him
  • What catastrophes could happen to a cartoon window cleaner?
N.B specify the attempts. How do they happen? What are they? How do they fail? how does it effect him? What kills him?

... And their Scenes

Like For Like Story Board Scenes
This follows on from the post that shortlisted possible films. I have gathered chosen scenes for each of my shortlisted 10 so that I can chose my favourite one to do a like for like story board on.
1: Kill bill


2: Up


3: Toy Story


4: The Bourne Ultimatum


5: The Amazing Spider Man


Friday, 11 January 2013

Story Telling - Like for Like Storyboard Shortlist...


There are too many great films to choose from so I've shortlisted ten films that I think can achieve very vivid and energetic storyboards. The predominant theme I've chosen to storyboard on is fast paced action shots like fight scenes etc.


1: Kill Bill

Famed for Tarantino's obsession with blood and fight scenes, Kill Bill is packed full of fights, over the top action and gory deaths. So I would be spoilt for choice for a scene to use. This could translate into a high energy storyboard.

                                                                         2: Up

This animation contains a host of different camera angles from various heights. It also has the intriguing storyline to go with it. I particularly like the scene where the house first sets off on its adventure as the camera pans out, the angles change a lot and there is a good shot on composition as the house travels through the city.

3: Toy Story

In my opinion one of the most influential animations ever made. The creation of Toy Story paved the way for the new generation of the way animation would be created and consumed. There are two scenes I have in mind: One where Woody first meets Buzz and when Buzz proves he can fly. Theses scenes are very interesting to me.

4: The Bourne Ultimatum

The Bourne series are  good example because they are renowned for their revolution of how action films are shot by using their method of close hand, gritty fight scenes.

5: Ip Man

No shortlist that mentions fight scenes could not be complete without at least one martial arts film. This one in particular is very modern in the approach compared to traditional "flying" martial arts films and contains some amazing scenes encroached in a deep storyline.

6: The Incredibles


I chose The Incredibles because it has quite major action scenes packed inside of it. I also want to do a storyboard for an animation so this one is a potential candidate. It has elaborate scenes too due to the maniacal and destructive Syndrome character.

7: The Amazing Spider Man (2012)

This much needed revamp of the comic book hero includes really good cg shots from dizzying heights. It has cut a little away from the volume of fight scenes but they do follow the "Bourne" way of filming Action shots.

8: Hunger Games

This adaptation tells the story of an unexpected winner of the annual death Olympics. The story unfolds close hand drama and grisly but realistic fight scenes.

9: The Matrix

Another highly influential film, The Matrix packs a mean punch in terms of action and cinematographic value. It includes the ground breaking technique called bullet time which has preserved this film forever because although it was made in 1999 it still competes with ease against modern day films. I might even use this aspect in my animation. With plenty to chose from I might go for a bullet time scene where Neo takes on the Agents.
10: Ratatouille

The scene in this film I'd storyboard would be when the head chef tries to kill Remy after he is seen in the kitchen. The change of pace in camera angles and the composition of the scene is really interesting because you see the world from the perception of the rat as well as humans. The Character Linguini is an influence on my initial Window Washer character, so it would be good to research that aspect of the film.

Image Bibliography:

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Story Telling - Tempory framework

Influential Suggestion

This translates into:
Beginning - The character is lying dead on the Morgue table with a fishbowl on his head.
Middle - This tells the story as to how he ended up like that.
End - The story turns full circle and leads up to the point just before the beginning.

This non linear structure creates a vast amount of ideas and possibilities.

After speaking to Phil It inspired me to think of differently structured ideas. This then gave me a framework/mesh to start out with and wrap different ideas around it. This makes it non biased because the beginning will not be effected by what ever happens in the middle. It gives me somewhere to start from at least. I'm not completely set on this just yet though.
Also by using this mesh frame work I can test my fresh ides to see what works, what doesn't and what can be added.

Story Telling - First Ideas 2

Initial Ideas
Here are my other ideas. At the moment I'm not holding back on a particular idea, I'm thinking of ways that are completely different to the each other to give me the widest range possible.
At this moment in time I do have a favourite framework I'm working to. At the same time I hope I don't fail in what I'm trying to get across and end up making it severely boring and bland by focusing heavily on the window washing theme. But at the same time since looking at some influences, most of the stories are quite basic, there just told nicely.
Idea 2:
After speaking to Phil he put an idea across of using an ending as the beginning and story set up shot. So after taking this suggestion on board I thought of an idea.
The story starts with The Window Washer laying dead on a table of the Town morgue with a fishbowl on his head. The story then goes on to explain how the Window Washer ends up in this predicament.
I have many different versions to how he could have done this. I think I will stick with this non linear framework for now and see how I can justify my choices.
Version 1:
In a town where becoming an honoured window washer is more glamorous than being a famous film star, The Dopey Window cleaner sets about his daily routine as normal when he comes across the dirtiest window of them all. The biggest prize in the world of the window wash. He sees this as his opportunity to prove himself to his army of doubters that include his own parents. Since the beginning of his youth he has always been the bad egg of the group, the underachiever. His years in Window Washing school were filled with being made fun at for his poor displays. His own father, Mr Washee, the Town's most famous washing master celebrity is ashamed that he can be linked to such a dismal son. So as he looks up at the infamous window of doom, inspiration drives him to take up the challenge. He manages to produce one of the best performances of his career, one that would catapult him to stardom. Just as he closes on in sealing his new found fate he notices a small amount of dirt left in the upper corner of the window. He lets out an almighty cry of despair. He feels he is so close to achieving his dream and making his father proud and thinks nothing will stop him. Come on, it's only a small amount, what can be so difficult about that? So the window washer attempts to clean it but he can't stretch enough to reach it, so he slowly strains and the camera angle switches to a close up side view of his face and hand as his index finger slowly but carefully (and goes back and forth to his face and to the dirt, building up anticipation. Tracking his trembling hand as it gets millimetre close before he looses his footing and smashes to the ground with a bang) comes within touching distance but he can't reach it, the strain on his body takes its toll and he crashes to the floor. This pushes him over the edge and he tries different attempts to get to the dirt but each one fails, driving him angrier and more determined.  I'll find a good example of this soon. His last attempt proves fatal and it involves a fishbowl. Not sure how yet but I will develop this idea to find out how it happens.

Another example of Character driven animation
with them trying to prove themselves.

How to Train your Dragon follows the
story of the son of a famous Viking warrior
who tries to prove his worth. This is an example
of what is driving my character in Version 1.


Version 2:
Quite like version 1 but with a different backstory and with out an important window. It would just be a plain old window he comes across has he's cleaning. The task he is set with every week, there's not much difference until today. His stupidity but funny actions cause him to become the cause of his own death. The animation goes on to show his many attempts at removing the dirt (shot fast paced and using cut shots) before succumbing to death from his last extreme attempt.
Version 3:

This time I looked into traditional cartoons like Tom and Jerry, but maybe mixed with the comedy deaths in Itchy and Scratchy. Always being killed off in the episodes but seems to make a comeback for the next episode. A never ending comedy feud between two main characters, Jerry being the antagonist and Tom being the one who ALWAYS seems to lose and end up worse off. So this type of structure sparked an idea. Why don't I have The fish in the bowl as a Jerry character and the Window Washer as a protagonist? So the Window Washer ends up dead (supposedly or for real) due to the cat and mouse games between the two. The Fish could be stopping the Window Washer from getting on with his task; to finish cleaning the windows. The squabble goes on between the two of them for a while due to the Window Washer reacting to the antagonistic Fish. I am going to expand this idea as the next thing I do as I can feel the potential in this. It doesn't feel bland when I explain it whereas the other versions sound great in my head but not so amazing and exciting typed out.

An influence on story structure for Version 3
N.B I might also mix certain elements from each idea/version to create a better version.

Story Telling - First Ideas

Story ideas - Initial

So here I am with my first set of ideas. At first I thought about uploading really rough quick ideas but in hindsight it will be better to upload slightly worked ideas to help give them a formed shape, however I'm still only on the rough initial idea stage at the moment. Some ideas are less worked on than others because I'm trying to get all my ideas out before I forget. Also, I want to dip into character backstories to give these ideas more depth. So here they are:

Idea 1:

Logline: The dim Window Cleaner succumbs to the tricks of the witty Fish.

Conflict: The Fish wants to become an obstacle for the Window Cleaner.

Goal: To clean the Windows of the dilapidated Morgue.

Draft Treatment:
The Window Cleaner is busy working on his latest assignment. The refurbishment of the Town's old run down morgue. He starts cleaning the windows and tries to ignore the fact that this place is deserted and very eerily quiet. Time slowly slips away. Suddenly he hears a noise that brings his attention off from his work and onto his surroundings. He looks around violently before he laughs to himself at the thought of being scared by a noise and turns back to carry on cleaning his windows. Moments later he hears another noise, much louder and with more conviction than its predecessor, followed by demonic shadows. This scares the life out of the Window Cleaner and drives him to sprint ruthlessly as fast as he can to the exit, he looks behind him as he nears closer and closer, he turns his head and collides into his freshly cleaned glass doors. The impact of the blow knocks the helpless Window Cleaner out. Whilst the character is sprawled out on the dirt ridden floor, the camera tracks away from the scene and starts to trace back to the origin of the supernatural activity. It moves through the twists and turns of the room. The camera track stops at the foot of a dusty Fishbowl with the inhabitant laughing hysterically with his fins moving in a wierd way, it dawns on the audience that the fish was the one creating the shadows and the noises.

Klaus the fish from American Dad would be a close influence.

There are reasons as to why the fish is like this but it hasn't been identified in his backstory yet. Suggestions would be very helpful to mould this idea!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Story Telling - Research and Influences

The Vending Machine by Christian Straubinger - This is my idea of a good animated short. This influence is a major one as I want my story to turn out like this, not just simple but a typical animated short with a strong, clear and structured story. I like how the story starts with the introduction to the characters (including the vending machine), then it presents the problem and it finishes with the resolution. I can't get this type of story structure out of my head because it screams at me how true to the brief this is. It has a short and sweet but punchy story.

This a teaser for Pixar's upcoming animated short The Blue Umbrella. I love the idea and the imagination behind this and the storyline is a good influence because it shows you that you don't have to restrict yourself to what is "normal" and an ordinary story.

Another short from the amazing minds at Pixar that focuses on how comedy and the unexpected can be injected into a story without the need of the obvious like verbal dialogue. The use of body language and comedy highlights the mood of the animation and underpins the story

(N.B These are just a selection of video I am looking at. I'm also designing a PowerPoint to put my research on to but as I only have one post at the moment I'm going to upload my next bit of research as individuals posts. When I've got enough I'm going to reupload the posts as one PowerPoint document.)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Animation Toolbox - Bouncing Ball (version1)


Ball Bounce
This is my first attempt at one of the 12 principles of animation; squash and stretch, timing and spacing. Otherwise known as The Ball Bounce.

This is the first of three from this exercise and is the bouncing ball. This is a combination of layered hand drawn animation. I like the look of it but not too keen on the way it is animated. I am going to get some advice and re upload a more worked on version. I look forward to doing more stop frame as I love animation and I am really keen on expanding my knowledge and skillset on the subject. That is why I don't feel that it has been animated properly. 
For some reason I can't upload it any bigger than this :s

Spacing Chart

@Tutor Phil - Quick question...

Hello Phil, I've been brainstorming a few ideas but I'm a bit confused about how simple or complex I should go that still contain the strenght of a good narrative, without disturbing the requirements of a good animated short story.

So I've found two examples of short animations (I'm not focusing on the quality of the animation but the story content.)

Video 1 - This sort of narrative structure/ story is along the lines I'm thinking of, simple but effective. A few characters (including the vending machine), not much dialogue purely interaction, no drastic change in environment, no appareant indication of there being a world around this small story. I personally prefer this type of short story telling in animation but I don't want to create a story that is wrong. It is simple yes, but I think it strikes the right notes on a 3 act structered story.

Video 2 - This video seems much more in depth than the other one (I'm ignoring the fact its 6 minutes long) and theres a lot more going on, a visible world etc and although it follows a structure is this the wrong type of 3 act structure that we're aiming for?
To me there seems to be a physical difference in an animted Short and an animated short Film. This one is much more film like. It's been done on a much larger scale than the first video. But is this too complex and not what the brief is after?

So my question is if a simple but well planned out story, backstory etc would be a bad idea?
and are we aiming to create ones more like the first video than the second?

Thanks very much :)

New Year Project - Unit 3 Story telling

Unit 3 Story telling project
New year and a new project but this time the focus is on story telling which leads onto the pre production of an animated short. On brief day we chose randomised elements that would help us to build a strong narrative using the 3 act structure. The elements were categorised as Environment, Character and Prop.
The elements I chose were:
Initial Thoughts:
As soon as I read that I had a morgue my first thought was depressing and quickly turned my attention to how I could have a sinister setting but with a lively, funny story. Then I picked the Window Washer and Fishbowl and it fitted perfectly with my first initial idea for a story.
Image 1: Linguini
By having someone as potentially (as an animated character) clumsy and destructive character, it fits the bill to have a job role that you would find in an uncoordinated-charcter driven animated short. By having a Window Cleaner it helps guide me towards a funny and probably stereotypical clumsy narrative. My first influence for this type of character is the dopey young kitchen porter Linguini, from Pixars Ratatouille. However, I'm not going to go into too much detail into the research of influencial caracters just yet as I neeed to feel out my story as well as understand my character. This is just going to be a mental guide because I am set on having a clumsy character like this.

My reaction to the fishbowl as a prop is positive because I could have another charactyer within it who could be the actual main character and dictates the mood of what the animation is set in, this could be done by having the fish react with facial expresssions and exaggerated body language to express his opinions on the actions and consequences of the idiotic secondary character (Window Washer), I'm still trying to find an example of a mainb character working off of secondary character but not being the main focus of action, I know I've seen it somehwere.

Image Source:
Image 1 -