Friday, 14 December 2012

Film Review - The Shining

Review - The Shining

Film review - Edward Scissor Hands

Review -Matt Edward Scissor Hands Review

Secret Lair - Submission Disk Artwork

Secret Lair - Final Concepts

Environment and Hero Prop Final Concept Art

Hero Prop


Secret Lair - Final Render

Secret lair - Final Render

Here is my final piece for My Amerind Magician's lair.

Secret lairs - Digital Set Pipeline

These are images that show the pipeline to my fully resolved set.

Matt Pipeline

Secret Lairs - Final Crit presentation

Secret lairs - Final Crit 14_12_12

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Secret lairs - Thumbnails 21 - 25

21 - Low Angled shot of the main room
22 -PhotoShop Phil's idea on my exterior
23 - Floor Plan
24 - Original exterior
25 - Rough interior plan

Secret Lairs - Thumbnails 16 - 20

16 - Exterior
17 - Potion Glasses style
18 - Mapping out composition
19 - Emblem style 2
20 - Room style

Secret Lairs - Thumbnails 11-15

11 - Emblem
12 - Interior, room 2
13 - Quick sketch
14 - Shelf
15 - Rough Sketches

Secret lairs - Thumbnails 7 - 10

7 - Quick sketch of the fire
8 - Exterior view looking in through the door
9 - Mid Shot of the main room
10 - A different version of 9

Photoshop Tutorial - Quick Sketches

In this session, also our last :(, saw us use all the techniques we've learnt over the past 12 weeks and utilise them them quickley and effecintley to produce decent thumbnails.
i struggled at first as I've missed quite a few previous tutorials but got the hang of it by the last image. The last one is my favourite one as the vivid colours are striking and I like how the original image, which was a photograph, has morphed into something similar to an alien environment. Which proves that by learning Photoshop Phil's cool skills you can produce absolutely anything original, even from an already completed photograph.

1 - Initially this was the beginning of a giant entrance to a lair but I couldn't pull it off
2 - By this stage it was dawning on me that I had completely misunderstood what Phil was asking of us. However, I do like the texture I created. Maybe in a different project it could come of some use.
3 - This image was the turning point for me in the end, not perfect but it was on the right tracks to Phil's tutorial.
4 - This was the first stage of number 3 before I included the tree's and the web stuff

Maya Tutorials - Whimsey House

These particular tutorials focused on how effective lighting can enhance a scene and give it an atmospheric value.

1 - Midday
2 - Sunset
3 - Romance
4 - Night Time
By changing a few colours and parameters such as light intensity, you can alter the perception of what the same image can look like.


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Secret Lair - Weapons

During yesterday's Photoshop tutorial I made a couple of finalised stills of two weapons that I am going to use in my lair as props. Speaking to Photoshop Phil gave me some extra knowledge on the lasso tool and Hidden Selection shortcut which did save me a lot of time.


I used the panel I created in the PS tutorial to use it as a background and dropped the brightness/contrast levels to make it darker.
These two weapons will be used in my final scene to show the character is a warrior. The spears will be hung on a beam whilst the Tomahawk will be strewn along the floor near the fire.

Secret Lair - Photoshop Lesson

In this lesson we were shown the technique of doing quick panel sketches to help visualise an idea or a thumbnail. We did 3 lots of 3 panels, with our favourite one being used to expand upon. We were also told that we could relate this session to our projects if we wanted to.

1 - The first panel I thought I'd experiment a little bit with composition, so this image is supposed to show a tent like structure being held up by a wooden support beam.
2 - The second panel is the same thumbnail as the first but with a different camera angle. This time the beam is in the middle and the camera angle is focused on the top of the beam, to show the tent like ceiling. i also added a slight texture brush to the walls to make it look more animal skin like (like traditional Tipi's)
3 - The third panel is after Photoshop Phil came over and told me to stop using all the panels for one image lol and to experiment with the different brushes. so the top image was originally wooden beams with supernatural atmospheric value added to it, but looks more like a haunted forest. The middle image is a texture i made using three different brushes to create an Amerind looking texture panel which I went on to use further down the line of my project. The bottom image is another texture panel I made but I thought this one could be used more for a wall inside my lair.
4 - The fourth one is the middle texture panel from 3, I used this one for some of my work and I liked the effect it added.
(NB - I did have few more but it looks like I haven't saved them on memory stick :S will upload them Monday)

Secret Lair - Character Bible

Character Bible