Wednesday, 26 September 2012

First Life Drawing Of The Year

This was my first ever attempt at life drawing and to be honest I actually found it really fun, it was surreal to have a woman naked in front of a class and just merely regarded as "the model", no name, no details etc. However, I did enjoy the challenge of being thrown into a completely new environment and having to adapt as quickly as possible.

Another Stop Frame

My college was pretty big on stop frame animation, so here's another one from a much earlier project. This project was about a metaphorical translation of something boring into something more visually appealing. This was my first experince of experimenting with improvising and working out how to make the ideas in your head become real.
I'm uploading these videos because I want to give myself a base to build from, so I can hopefully see the vast improvement in my work. 3D is what I've always wanted to do then I went to college where everything had to be 2D or stopframe so these videos will be my reminder as to why I'm on this course. I want to be able to look back at these and laugh at how bad they are compared to my new projects.

Stop Frame Animation

This is my Stop-Frame animation as part of my Final Major Project from my previous college course. This was all done photographically, no video content was used. it took roughly 10000 pictures and 3 weeks to produce.We were briefed to create a short film or animation that was built upon the foundations of stong research that helped us to create our project, rather than just rush into it we had to understand the basic prinicples of research and the importnace of it. My project is based upon a tired worker day dreaming about a nice cold refreshment. My initial idea came from the typical framework of a pixar short animation: a character is trying to get to something but many obstacles get in the way to make it more annoying than usual to achieve. So the idea of a vending machine and all the potential possibilities of things going wrong was an obvious choice. I love stop frame because you can use it to your advantage by hiding how you did things that normally wouldn't be possible so easily.