Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fantastic Voyage - First Steps...

Initial Thoughts
In order to get my head around the vast wild abyss known as Science, I've compiled a list of starting points to eat one chunk at a time. I've started with the more obvious questions at this initial stage of the project in order to bury my head into it and start creating straight away. As of right now I have absolutely no idea on this particular cell or it's functions but I am assured that by the and of this 9 weeks I'll know more than I'd want to. Having saying that, I love finding out new facts and learning new things.

@Phil Maya Tutorials - Camera Types Video

Tool Box - Maya Tutorials 
This is a short edit consisting of all the tutorials on Pre Viz/Camera Techniques. I thought I'd edit them together because there are so many It would look too messy in one long post. Also, as we are supposed to show that we are gaining a knowledge on software throughout the course I thought I could mix two together.
May 3rd is an important date for all of us and the reality of failure has slapped me across the face so I aim to combat it by radically changing my approach to my work and studentship.


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

NEW PROJECT - Fantastic Voyage - Useful links

Prokaryotic Initial links

We have just been briefed our new project (more in depth post to follow next) and in the midst of waiting for the impending Life Drawing class I have quickly compiled a small list on a few key pointers of the word Prokaryotic. This will give me something to start thinking about whilst I draw a naked woman.

Prokaryotic Cell Growth Cycle:

Prokaryotic Cell Cycle:

What is a Prokaryotic Cell?

What does Prokaryotic mean?

Monday, 25 February 2013

Tool Box - Animation Class

Ball Bounce Show Reel

This is a quick Show Reel I made on the ball bounce exercise.
This looks at the contribution and distribution of weight and the effect it can have depending on the mass of an object. This covers one of the main Animation Principles that make up the foundations of animation.

This video show cases the different bounces of a:
  • Bouncy Ball
  • Bowling Ball
  • Ping Pong Ball
The aim is to not exaggerate too much (unless it is a style choice) as it can end up making the animation too unrealistic and unnatural to the world of real life physics and the consequences of mass, weight etc.

More Animations to follow on Wednesday...

Monday, 18 February 2013

@Phil? Final Script

Script Version 2
Here is my adapted finalised script.

Finley Script 1 by Matt Man

Character designs - Set 1

Here is a design of my main character Finley in progress, I drew my first impressions of him and now I've taken it into Illustrator to make it more "Cartoony". My character design is still in progress and I hope to have more indepth ones on here soon. Once I've created a design that I feel is strong enough I will then transfer this into a Character Sheet.


18/02/2013 - Maya Tutorials - Intro to Texturing folder 1

Today we completed two new tutorials. One was about doubled sided shaders, which in this case was used for animated pages within a book. The second tutorial was on textures and went into detail about how to use the Sampler Info Node and in this tutorial was used to create a cool x-ray vision effect.

These tutorials were really easy to follow and only took 20 minutes. The effects they create will be of great use in the near future.

Tutorial 1:

Final Render
This is the final render of the first tutorial from the new folder. This one looked at image placement and double sided shaders. In this instance it has been used as pages of a book to appear like real double sided pages.

Tutorial 2:

                               Final Render
                               This was the final render after the glow effect was switched on.

Build up:

This was the first render after I attached the ramp shader to the lambert node, altered the transparency level, set the transparency level and changed the colour to a neon green. As you can see it looks more toxic than x-ray at the moment.

This is the result of having the white shader on the transparency level too high, it reacts with the transparency effect to make it almost invisible.

This third render was after I changed the colour to more a more aqua ascent and included an ambient light with no 0% shadows. Also, I changed the white shader on the transparency level. This was much better but still not perfect so I added the glow effect on the lambert shader to produce the final render.

                                         Final Render